All Purpose Hunting Targets


If you enjoy hunting and shooting as much as I do, you know how special it is to get your broadheads out in late summer and begin the yearly ritual of gearing up for hunting season.


And you know how important it is to practice, practice, practice.  With the advent of mechanical broadheads, it is possible to simply practice with your field points, check your mechanicals to make sure they are shooting the same as your field points, and you are good to go.


But if you are like me, and you shoot fixed-blade heads as well, you want to practice with them.  And an ordinary target will not stand up to the abuse of the cutting blades of a broadhead.


We have spent countless hours shooting all types of heads into our targets, to insure that your American Whitetail Hunting Target will be the longest lasting broadhead target around. 


The truth of the matter is this:  if your broadhead is doing its job, it is going to cut a hole through the target.  Our goal is to make sure that your American Whitetail target takes as much shooting as possible before that happens.  And we do our best to see to it that all of our targets will do just that.

Caribou taken in 1992 with a Rothar of the deadliest heads ever designed.


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The King Broadhead Target Construction



Broadheads destroy by their nature, and require a target that will stand up to the cutting action of their razor sharp blades.  We designed the King Series Broadhead-Only target for the serious bowhunter, who shoots his broadheads on a daily basis and needs a target that will take that abuse.

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The CUBE All-Purpose Target Construction


If you need a target that works well with both broadheads and field points, the CUBE has proven itself as the best All-Purpose archery target for over ten years.

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  The CUBE Hybrid Construction



 A revolutionary target system, as advanced as the bow you shoot.

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 At American Whitetail, we did not stop at making the best archery targets in the world.  We saw a need for a new kind of target face: one with High Definition graphics, graphics that were permanent, produced on a super-healing foam rubber, that would give you thousands of shots.  Enter the Infinity Face.  Check them out!

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