Elastafoam Range Material

Open layer targets are known for long life, and our Elastifoam takes open layer targets to the next level. Elastifoam can be compressed to your specification to stop the specific arrow speed being shot. In addition since you build your own compressor, you can "shuffle" the foam when needed to extend the life even more.

Our standard cut size is approx. 40" wide and 16" thick, which when stacked and compressed to a standard 48" tall target butt, you have four shooting stations. Arrow removal is a dream with both aluminum and carbon arrows. As with all open layer targets broadheads are not recommended since they will cut the foam quickly into slivers limitiing the life of the target butt.

(Casters not Included
on Compressor)

Elastifoam is also available in bulk, loaded on a skid ready to cut. Bulk foam comes in a 40" wide by 80" long sheet stacked to 55" tall. You can cut this to the same size we do, or cut it to your specific needs. We recommend at least a 16" thickness for best results.

ON SPECIAL! Order in Bulk and get FREE SHIPPING!!!

                                                                                                      Bulk Foam Cat# UF100
                                                                                         East of the Mississipi $1300.00 Free Shipping
                                                                                        West of the Mississipi $1750.00 Free Shipping


Single Range Foam                                                                                        Bulk Foam
Cat# CF100                                                                                                    Cat# UF 100
Size 40" x55"x 16" thick                                                                                  Size 40"x80"x55" tall
$229.95 Call for shipping                                                                                To order call 888-233-1976
Call 1-888-233-1976 for shipping                                                                              
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