Compression Cubes

Compression Cubes (CompCUBES) are rigid foam shells, packed tightly with ballistic material, to produce a superior alternative to loose filled bags. Made to be self repairing, when shooting, move from one side to another, causing he internal material to shift back and forth, refilling the voids caused by packing the material from shooting in one spot continuously.

Built in handle, Four sided shooting, with high definition graphics, stops bows or crossbows to 400 FPS with ultra easy arrow removal. The Comp Cube is so tough we offer a three year warranty against pass throughs.

Size 20"x20"x20"
Weight 25 Pounds

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CompCUBE designed with Bowhunters in Mind Limited Time 59.95 with 4 FREE TOUGH TARGET 4...

Olympic Style Practice Cube

Features 40cm,60cm,80cm, and 122cm faces

SAPC20 School Practice Target

You can't go wrong with this target!