Comp Cubes

As bows have become faster and arrows smaller, high tech archery equipment will not be stopped by low tech, bag targets that shoot out in no time, wasting your money.

This is why we designed the CompCUBE series, works with crossbows or compounds, arrow speeds up to 400 FPS, and even works great with micro diameter hunting arrows.

Four sided shooting, Compression Cubes with 3 Year NQA (No Questions Asked) Warranty

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Olympic Style Practice Cube #O...

A Complete Set of FITA Faces on ONE Target!!! 21" x 21" x 21"

School Practice Target #SAPC20

You can't go wrong with this target!

Black Hornet Bowhunter Attack ...

Bowhunter Attack CompCUBE Compression Cube!

Pink Arrow CompCube

The Pink Arrow Project Comp Cube is 20"x20"x20" and can stop arrows up to 400FPS. This tar...