Crossbow Targets

Crossbows are quickly gaining favor among hunters, as well as becoming faster, and more powerful. The result is the need for a complete line of crossbow targets.

Targets that are designed specifically to stop shorter crossbow bolts, and still allow reasonable bolt removal Below you will find targets that we have designed for crossbows, not just targets made with denser foam, or made thicker.

While all of our targets are good, for the ultimate crossbow target, the Cube Hybrid is the target. This unique target will take arrows from PSE's TAC15 with ease, and your arrow pulls with equal ease. For an arrow packing 150 pounds of KE....well it speaks for itself. Our crossbow targets will do the job for you...that is my guarantee to you!





With more and more states legalizing crossbows for use in the traditional archery season, and with crossbow bolt speeds approaching 400 Feet per second we knew that the time had come to build a target that was truly special. Other target companies simply increased the density of the foam used, but that results in bolts that are very difficult to remove if they are stopped.

When we tested the Cube Hybrid we knew we had the the answer to the modern crossbow. First we aquired a PSE TAC15 Crossbow, the most powerful crossbow we could find. Then we shot the Cube Hybrid at a distance of 20 yards, not only did the bolt come to a halt but it removed with little effort. Amazing for a arrow that was carrying over 150 foot pounds of energy, yet required as little as 20 pounds of pull to remove the bolt. For Broadheads we recommend our HD broadhead core.

Yes, we have something special here...we call it the Cube may be the last target you ever buy.
Cat# HC250
Cat# HC250HD (High Definition Graphics)
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For those who want a solid foam All Purpose crossbow target, we have introduced the Crossbow Cube Using the same design as our famous Cube target, the Crossbow Cube uses a higher density foam with bonded layers.

Designed for bolt speeds to 350 FPS, the Crossbow Cube will work well with either field points or broadheads. The Crossbow Cube comes standard with High Definition Infinity Face.

Cat# C918C
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The search for the perfect compression target has ended, no more can they be called a "bag target". The Infinity Cube takes the concept to the next level, covered in 2MM of super healing foam rubber, combined with HD permanent graphics, and capable of stopping arrows or bolts to 400 FPS.

Cat# IC20
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If you are shooting a crossbow in the 300 to 330 FPS FPS range and need a less expensive target we recommend our HYPER 500 High Performance compression bag target for field points. This target will stop bolts with field points with one hand bolt removal.

Cat# HYP500
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For broadhead tipped bolts at 300 FPS or less our popular Crossbow King target is perfect. An economy target that takes repeated shots with the sharpest broadheads, yet the MDL (Multi Density Layered) system lets you have your bolt back with ease. Light weight, free standing with built in handle.

Cat# CBK1

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