Construction of the Cube Hybrid

The perfect archery target...exactly what features would it have. That is the question we asked, when we started designing the Cube Hybrid. We knew that bows have nearly reached the apex of performance with some bows producing arrow speeds of over 350 feet per second plus crossbows achieving bolt speeds over 400 fps. And we knew it was going to take a special target to match that performance.


This target had to meet the following criteria

1. It had to stop both arrows and crossbow bolts with speeds of over 400 feet per second.
2. It had to have reasonable arrow and bolt removal.
3. It had to have extreme target life
4. It had to be lightweight 
5. It had to work well with broadheads with out letting the broadheads destroy the target.


All of that at a retail price of Less than our competitors. That was a pretty tall order. But we went to work and the result is the target you are looking at...the Cube Hybrid.

By combining a laminated foam shell with a rotatable inner CompressionCore the Hybrid Cube stops arrows much like a bag target. Only the foam shell holds the compression core in place, while securing your arrows for scoring, By holding the compression core solid the material cannot shift as much, preventing voids from forming as in conventional bag targets. In addition a rigid foam cap is attached on top that exends into the foam shell, and is held in place with elastic compression cords, keeping downward pressure on the inner core, thus further preventing voids from forming.


In the course of shooting the Hybrid Cube should you find your arrows or bolts penetrating more than you would like, you simply remove the rigid cap and rotate the inner core, bring new materials around to your shooting area. When you begin shooting again, the material will re position itself, thus making the Cube Hybrid self repairing. The large Cube Hybrid is 22" thick thus giving you the material needed to stop the fastest bolt or arrow. Since the foam shell is only about two inches thick the amount of friction is minimal, allowing easy arrow removal. The large Cube Hybrid weighs in around  25 pounds, the small Cube Hybrid comes in around 18 pounds.


Up to this point we had achieved all of our goals except one. Broadhead use. After some carefull consideration we decided the way to prevent our target from being destroyed by broadheads was to offer a special broadhead core. To use it the archer would have to remove the rigid cap, and the inner compression core leaving a void in the foam shell. The Broadhead core fits into void and is shot from the front instead the sides as you do with your field points. We call this directional shooting, keeping your broadheads in the void area of the target thus preventing damage to your shell.

The Broadhead core is offered in a standard duty and a heavy duty version. My idea with this target is that most archers will shoot field points 95 percent of the time and broadheads the other 5 percent. Thus the broadhead core is designed with that in mind.


The Cube Hybrid is the most innovative archery target ever conceived. Now we want your approval. Try the Cube Hybrid....You will not be disappointed.