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Our 52" FITA mat was born, and in a very short period of time we were supplying clubs and tournaments around the world with a light-weight, durable mat that had a replaceable center core. In 2000 we were very proud to design and build the mats used in the Sydney Olympics.



As time has progressed, so have our targets. And for 2015, we would like to introduce you to the finest competition mats in the world. We will change the way you think about competition mats. Beginning Sept. 1st 2014 we are going into production with a totally new way to produce foam targets. We call it Jacketed Foam.

Jacketed Foam is what  we call the process by which we combine a layer of low density foam, "sandwiched" between two layers of High Density Foam. This is then laminated into the target, which produces a mat that has the stopping power and Durability of High Density Foam, with the easier arrow removal of Low density Foam.
The added durability and easier arrow removal creates the most advanced foam  mat on the planet.To read more about the jacketed foam process click here!








                                                                                        American Whitetail
                                         Series Competition Mat         



  A-152XF -  AR-152XF  


The TM-50      

The HybriMATXF


To complement our mats and to upgrade existing mats, we are introducing for 2014:


The New 2014 VelociCORE KV with Aramid® Fibers

The new VelociCORE KV, made with Aramid® Fibers, is the toughest core we have ever designed.  The center is packed with Aramid Fibers, the same material used to make Ballistic Bulleproof garments.  Made in a 24" diameter x 9" thick size, the VelociCORE KV will stop even the smallest, fastest arrows in their tracks, and yet arrows pull with almost no effort.

The anti-fraying properties of the Aramid® means the material suffers practically no damage when the arrow strikes it.  The VelociCORE KV brings a new level durability and enjoyment to your archery practice!


Learn more about the VelociCore KV on The VelociCORE KV Page!

Any FITA mat can be Upgraded to VelociCORE KV Center for a $50 upcharge!



The 2011 AAE Arizona Cup featured two of American Whitetail's new products:  the 54" diameter FITA Target Mat and the new, full-size Back-up Bags.  Each is for a specific job.


"We were delighted to have the new 54" FITA Target Mats," said Bob Pian, Arizona Cup Tournament Director.  "They allowed the archers ample space to mount four of the new 80 cm, 6-ringed target faces per the April 1, 2011 FITA rules.  The 48" Back-up Bags were matched up with new 48" wide target stands to back up four spot 50 meter compound targets.  The full size bag insured that there were no pass-throughs!"


What Our Customers Say:

"Currently using your school mats for our JOAD program. Going on Year THREE and just now needing minor repair. Great product!"


  Proud supporter of the USA Archery Teams