The new Black Hornet X4 HybriMAT ExTREME uses our exclusive DCT (Dual Chamber Technology).

X4 HybriMAT ExTREME with DCT

The all new X4 HybriMAT Extreme with Dual Chamber Technology, (DCT) is the pinnacle in archery range targets

Read about DCT here!

This totally new concept in stopping arrows, produces a target that stops micro diameter arrows as easily as large diameter indoor arrows, with total repairability.

Using 70K woven Syn Screen to hold arrows for scoring, while maintaining a flat surface for all target faces. Held in place with industrial grade hook and loop fasteners, the Syn Screen is easily replaced.

 Each shooting station is independent of the other, with it's own repair port easily accessable on the side, so if any of the shooting areas become "soft" the material can be taken out, and repacked in minutes, restoring the stopping power to new, with no cost at all!

In addition, each station chamber is backed by a solid compression core, that literally stops all pass throughs.

When arrows begin to penetrate the rear compression core, simply repack the chamber, restoring stopping power to new.

 The shooting stations are designed to accomodate full size 5 spot, 3 spot, or 50 yd. 80CM faces.

 At only 150 pounds, the X4 HybriMAT ExTREME weighs much less than other range targets, allowing for easy set up and take down if needed. The advanced foam frame will last for years.

 The X4 HybriMAT ExTREME Range Mat, designed for commercial use, whether at the club or at the local pro shop, will take the abuse of arrows from compounds or crossbows with super easy arrow removal at the lowest cost per shot of any commercial range target on the market!