The New Black Hornet CRM ExTREME with DCT.
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The Black Hornet HybriMAT ExTREME CRM (Commercial Range Module) uses our revolutionary DCT (Dual Chamber Technology) to produce the finest stackable range target available. 

Learn about DCT...The best target design in the world!

Totally repairable, you can shoot a single CRM or stack them to create a wall of targets that will withstand the abuse of any commercial or club range.

Ultra easy arrow removal, 70K Syn Screen woven Mesh, the capability to stop 430 FPS crossbow bolts, or a 20 lb recurve bow equally well.

The new Dual Chamber Tech design combines  a rigid laminated foam shell, packed tight with compression material, with an outer solid compression core, the two chambers work together to stop the fastest arrow, with minimum damage to the target.

Every part of the CRM is replaceable or repairable. The 25" x 25" size stacks four targets together to build a 50" square target with four 20" diameter Syn Screen Mesh cores that fit four, five or 3 spot indoor faces.

DCT or Dual Chamber Technology, stops any pass throughs,  If you should shoot one spot to the point that arrows begin to penetrate the outer compression core, the CRM has an access port that allows you access to the interior of the foam chamber, to remove and repack the compression material, bringing back all of the stopping  power it had when new.

No other  target is as cost effective as the HybriMAT ExTREME singles or build the ultimate range system with the HybriMAT ExTREME CRM featuring DCT.

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