TM50 Competition Mat

The TM50 was designed for those who needed a tough target in a size that would accomdate a 122cm face, yet would be thin enough to store in a smaller area.

The TM50 is built using HD (high density) foam that is laminated for even longer life. It is rolled to a 50" diameter in a 4" thickness to be as compact as possible. The center is reinforced with a two inch thick PowerPad for extra life in the high impact area. Due to the high density material that is used in this target we recommend Scorpions Venom arrow lubrication on your arrows untill the target has "broken" in.

Ideal for any tournament where storage space is a issue and a durable mat is needed.

Cat# TM50                                                  14" PowerPad is standard on the TM50
Size 50" diameter by 4" Thick
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