About Us

American Whitetail Inc. started in 1984 with an idea. We wanted to build a better archery target using open cell foam. In those days there were not many people using foam to make targets. With the help and dedication of our employees and my family, we are now known as the premiere builder of FITA mats around the world, as well as the most innovative targets for the school and hunting archers available.

My mother, Marge as so many of you knew her, passed away in 2003. However, she put her heart and soul into the business. She loved nothing more than to talk to the tournament archers around the world about our FITA mats, and she was primarily responsible for the success we enjoy today supplying world class competition mats around the world.

My brother Kenny has been here since day one, and he works every aspect of the business. From supervising to shipping and everything in between.

From the flat 2D animal targets that we started with so many years ago, to the state of the art targets that we build today, one thing has remained constant, our desire to build better targets. We are always trying to come up with a better way. This culminated in the 2011 HybriMAT target. This patented design combines the things you like about a compression bag target with the things you like about a foam block style target. The result is a target that will outlast either foam or bag targets.

We are committed to being the best at what we do and it shows in everything we build. You can rest easy knowing that when you purchase one of our targets that there are 32 years of experience built into each one

Thank you very much for visiting our website and considering our targets. We hope that we can help you to get the most out of your archery experience.

Good luck and good shooting

Ralph Harris

American Whitetail Inc.