40" x 30" x 5" Thick Professional Grade Replaceable Cores


Special INTRO PRICE Reg. $139.95 Limited Time $119.95

Large in size, the Bowhunter DeadSHOT is built for the archer who wants to practice on spots, but still wants to practice picking his own spot, on a realistic animal target.

The Bowhunter DeadSHOT, gives you dual sided shooting, with offset vital areas for full use of your target. Complete with spot practice targets, made of 100% MDL DynaFOAM, this target gives you the practice you want, with out the price of 3D targets.

400 FPS stopping power, easy arrow removal, light weight, compelete with dual stands, High Def deer images on both sides, simply turn the target over, and fold out the stand for the one you want to shoot.

Two Replacable 12" Diameter cores back up the vital areas of both deer.

Size 40" tall x 30" wide x 5" thick

12" Diameter replaceable cores.

Tough Target HD graphics

Weight 50 lbs

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