Customer Testimonials!!

18 Years ago, Mr. Zanylo purchased one of our range targets, today, it is still stopping arrows, but he is need of an upgrade!!


Good Day,


Thanks for your reply to my question regarding a replacement backstop for my RM-30 Mat I purchased in 2002. The range mat was a great backstop. I wish the mat had a replacement core. It was the perfect size for my indoor home range and outdoors. Sorry for the delay to your request for a photo of the mat. I have attached a photos of the mat.


I noticed your new Jacketed TournaMAT 36. I hope to purchase this mat to replace my RM-30 Mat.  I feel this mat will suit my needs for the right price. Thanks for your quality products.



 F. M. Zanylo

I have owned many different target butts, and wore out all of them.

Here’s why I choose Elastafoam Target butt.

Economical, virtually no mess, great stopping power and easy arrow removal

Therefore, the Elastafoam is my target choice.


Not to mention the best customer service.

If you are a serious archer this is a must have.



Jesse Broadwater, Professional Archer

I'd like to say thank you to Mike and the team for such a quick response to my order. I'd have to say I thank you most for being so helpful and enthusiastic about making my daughters competition target so special for her. My husband and I were amazed at how fast the targets arrived and we were very impressed with the work and creativity that came with her targets. They were perfect! Thank you for helping make my daughter’s 13th birthday extra special!

 Lisa England


I usually don't leave reviews for products but I'm so impressed with this company that I owe them this review. I purchased the CF100 target from them and they were running a xmas special and gave me 2 free target faces. I received the foam and 1.5 boxes were a bad batch, the foam was thicker on one side. The company instantly shipped me 2 more boxes and a care package consisting of target pins and 6 more of their target faces!!! Not only is their customer service 2nd to none but so is the foam!! I can shoot the same spot round after round with no pass thrus. This will be the only company I ever buy from!!

Here's a picture of the cf100 target I built!! This thing is awesome and stops 734 grain 2712's over and over. I shot 90 arrows into the same 3 spot target and never had to move it once!! Don't spend $800 on a block target, this foam is just as good for 60% less money!!

Eric Bell

Purchased the no wear hybrimat spm for my daughter. I really like it so far. Seems to be a well-built target system. Will probably end up being 5* after we shoot it enough. I would recommend these targets to anyone. Keep up the good work!

Tabitha Jason Daugherty

Wow, what can I say about a great page and great people with great information about things that we love to do. Thanks that's a 5 star to me.

Anonymous Email!


I have been shooting these Fita style mats for a couple of yrs. Finally ordered my own, I have made 3 calls to discuss and spoke with 3 separate people. All 3 have the same goal, superb customer service. Products and customer service 2nd to none. Do yourself a favor buy these products and truly have an enjoyable and long-lasting shooting experience. Can't wait for my AR-152XF

Jess Donais

Love the King MLD targets! Great products at a good price!

Brad Atkinson

Targets are awesome and we use them in our kid’s archery in school’s program. NASP. I also have one for home use with our compound bows.

Andy Bonnots

I love being able to customize the size of target I want and how easy arrow removal is. And target guts don't stick to my arrows like other targets do

Charity 'N Jarvis Farley

Because they are awesome!

Lisa Hardy