EagleEYE 34 HD Target

34"x34"x6" Thick Replaceable 16" Diameter Center Core

When a heavy duty, large size target is needed, tha is still tough, and repairable, he EagleEYE 34 is the answer.

Built with MDL DynaFOAM, 34x34" to fit an 80cm target face, with a 16" replaceable center core, the EagleEYE 34 works great with bows as low as 10 lb pull up to 70 lbs. with no bounce outs.

Ideal for small tournaments, or practice at home, also perfect for archers participating in FITA competitions.

For even more durability, we offer a 16" diameter Jacketed Foam Core, bulit just like our famous AR152 FITA mat.

Free standing, includes it's own stand.

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