T REX Crossbow Target

NEW 2021 Ballistic Fiber Core....BFCore 16"x16"x20" Built for the world's fastest crossbows

The baddest to ever walk the earth....The T REX. This all new crossbow target deserved the same name...it is the toughest ever to walk the earth.

We developed an all new way of stopping short, high power crossbow bolts, using Ballistic Fiber. We call it the BFCore

Using wound, 2" of HiTech Rubber, backed the BFCore, installed into a HyperFOAM shell under high pressure, to create a totally new way of absorbing the energy of high speed crossbow bolts....

Over and Over, the super healing effect of the wound rubber, maintains the integrity of the target, shot after shot.

All with very good arrow removal.

The T REX....the true king of crossbow targets.

16"x16"x20" thick
25 lbs