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Why use ARAMID Fibers in Archery Targets??  Here's why!



New for 2014... TOUGH TARGET Faces - For the Serious Archer




NEW!!  School TOUGH TARGET Faces for Programs on a Budget!  Games too!!



  NEW!!  Budget Youth Target....  The SYT Target with Tough Target Wrap



Prodigy Targets with Tough Faces being used in School Competition!!





The HybriMAT® AP All-Purpose Archery Target


The HybriMAT® AP All-Purpose Archery Target is built in a compact size, complete with a carry strap built in.  Constructed using ARAMID Fibers (the same material used in Bullet-proof Vests), this little powerhouse of a target will stop everything from lightweight Genesis bows to high-powered 400 FPS+ crossbows, all with easy arrow removal.


PLUS - every single HybriMAT® AP All-Purpose Archery Target comes complete with a broadhead core, which is easily changed out when hunting season approaches.

A true All-Purpose System, with High Definition graphics for the ultimate in realistic practice!! 
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NEW for 2014!
Need to add STOPPING POWER to your existing targets?  Need a POWERFUL curtain for an indoor school event?  We got you covered:

The HC250 Cube Hybrid now features a THREE YEAR NO SHOOT THROUGH WARRANTY!!

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Why AMERICAN WHITETAIL does not believe in "Planned Obsolescence"



At AMERICAN WHITETAIL, we are dedicated to helping Archery in the Schools programs.  I would like to introduce our latest tool created specifically for Archery in the Schools programs: our sister site,


This site is FULL of helpful information on starting school programs, along with cutting-edge target mats and faces.

Check out our School Archery FORUM, and join the conversation!

Looking for a good outfitter?  Let AMERICAN WHITETAIL help you out!!


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We at American Whitetail strive each and every day to build the best archery targets in the world.  I have been involved in archery and bowhunting for over 30 years.  Building targets is more than a job, it is my life.

Things have changed a lot over last 25 years since we built our first target.  Bows shoot faster, archers shoot better, and it seems that some companies will tell you anything to sell you a product. But one thing has not changed - our commitment to you, the archer, to provide you with the best shooting experience you can have, by creating the most advanced, cutting-edge target you can buy.

As you look around our website, be sure to sign up for our weekly target giveaway: our way of saying "Thank You!" for using our products. If there is anything we can do to help you thoughout the year, please call us toll-free at 1-888-233-1976.


The AR152HM in use!